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Synergy Spa

Synergy is the joint action of different elements that provides a better result than the sum of each of the separate individual actions. On this basis, we have founded Synergy Spa.
We have found the most beautiful location with the most amazing view. One of the only places from which a single glance encompasses the magical view of the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains, the amazing Ein Gedi reserve, the glorious Haetekim Cliff and the Judean Desert. A marvelous combination of blue, green and brown.
Nature has contributed its part by filling the air with oxygen and bromine, enriching the salt waters with minerals and creating the serenity which can only be found in the desert.
We have established an architectural construction that is respectful of the environment and is a pearl in and of itself.
We have brought together the best, most professional and friendliest therapists and designed a selection of treatments that responds to all wishes and requests, from traditional treatments which are thousands of years old, to the most recent and most modern ones.
We have truly given great care to providing a quality experience – fresh juice, amazing espresso, fresh fruit, thick towels, and more.
We have created a synergy for you.
Now, you are invited to enjoy it.